Our Training Philosophy

Vitality Teacher Training Academy offers trainees the intensive study and experience they need to tailor the Pilates Method to client’s individual needs. We integrate the Pilates Method with adaptive applications based on an evolving understanding of the human body.


Teacher Training Academy Catalog (PDF)

Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

Students spend one year training in the principles, repertoire, and pedagogy of the Pilates method on the full spectrum of Pilates equipment. Simultaneous study of anatomy, kinesiology, and common pathologies as they relate to Pilates sets our students up for real world success.

The program consists of 450 training hours, spread over two consecutive six month terms. Upon first term completion, students are eligible to test for and receive a 200 hour Pilates Mat certificate of training. Upon completion of the entire program, students are eligible to test for and receive a 450 hour Comprehensive Pilates certificate of training that meets all the standards of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Apply today! For more information, email us at education@vitalitypilates.com.


Vera Bullen PMA - CPT ®

Vera Bullen has taught at Vitality since 2010. Her lifelong passion for movement richly informs her Pilates instruction. A dancer since childhood, Vera earned her BA in Dance and Drama from the University of Washington. She earned her MA in Dance Studies from Laban in London. Afterwards, she earned her MA in Creative and Performing Arts from the University of Auckland in New Zealand where she was hired as a Professor of Dance. After teaching three years, she returned to the state of Washington, teaching ballet to children a total of 13 years. In 2010, she graduated from the Teacher Training Academy at Vitality and has been an in-demand Instructor ever since. Vera is a regular presenter at the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and the Performing Arts Medicine Association symposiums, as well as an Instructor Trainer here at Vitality.

Andy Bond PMA - CPT ®

A lifelong runner, Andy Bond has always enjoyed movement. Still, he never considered trying Pilates until his physical therapist suggested it would help him rehabilitate a torn rotator cuff. In Pilates Andy found a workout that not only relieved pain, but also improved his quality of life. Originally from northern England, Andy initially completed instructor training with Polestar Pilates in London in 2008, and received a comprehensive equipment certificate from Vitality Pilates in 2013. He’s been teaching ever since in a variety of capacities, from being the sole Pilates instructor at a physical therapy clinic all the way to working with us here in Seattle at Vitality. Andy brings an easy going focus to his teaching which reflects the work of Ron Fletcher and emphasizes flexibility, length, and posture. He specializes in Pilates fitness and sports rehabilitation.

Adena Atkins PMA - CPT ®

For Adena Atkins, a love for movement is closely tied to a passion for music. While studying opera, she turned to Pilates to improve posture and body awareness. She was hooked by the precision and accessibility of Pilates. Adena completed instructor training with Body Arts and Science International in her native California, under Kristi Cooper White, founder of Anytime Pilates. Along the way, Adena has worked with master teachers Bonnie Sessions, Lisa Johnson, and Kathy Van Patten. Adena has taught in a variety of settings, from a physical therapy office, to a converted wine cellar, all the way up to award winning studios like Modern Pilates and Vitality Pilates. As an instructor Adena is both patient and exacting. Adena holds her BM in songwriting from the Berklee College of Music.