Winter Workshops 2019

Pilates For Menwith Kimberly—Sat 1/5 at Phinney Ridge

Joseph Pilates designed his system originally for men, but today's Pilates classes with their strong female environment can leave men feeling a little left out. This class will focus on introducing male clients to Pilates Mat work as well as tower exercises and is open to all levels. Students will learn how engage their deep core muscles while connecting to their limbs and strengthening the back body. Kimberly is very familiar with issues common to men such as tight hamstrings, hips and low backs and will explore modifications for those problems.

Pilates for Balancewith Mary—Sat 2/16 at Mount Baker

Whether you want to level up in your sport or activity or simply keep your daily tasks safe over time, good balance is key. Join Mary as she guides you through a Mat Pilates series to target key areas that aid in balance: the core muscles to stabilize the torso, muscles around the hip to stabilize the pelvis, and ankle stabilizers to provide a strong platform while standing.

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