Summer Workshops 2018

Pilates for Runnerswith Geneva—Sat 7/28 at Phinney Ridge

Optimize your running performance and negate injuries before they start. Geneva's workshop is centered around running-specific strengthening to increase speed, mileage, and efficiency. Whether you're a new runner or looking to achieve your personal best, this class is perfect for you.

Walk and Rollwith Vera—Sat 8/4 at Mount Baker

Vera will lead you through a 30-minute walk in Mount Baker that will focus on core support and maintaining an easy gait. After returning to the studio, she will lead you through foam roller self-massage to release the muscles used during the walk.

Aging Dynamicallywith Autumn—Sat 8/25 Ravenna

Body systems change and break down, suffering normal wear and tear as we age. Some of that is out of our control, but we can do a lot to manage it and improve our experience. Come and spend an hour focused on common issues of aging, including balance, mobility, fine motor control, vision and bone loss, and take home practical tools to continue aging with grace and vigor. It turns out, we all have bodies and they're all aging, so this is open to all ages.

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